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Bachelor's Degree in Real Estate Development and Administration in Real Estate

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The bachelor’s degree in development and administration in real estate is an academic program that combines aspects of business, finance, architecture, and law to prepare students for a career in real estate. This career focuses on the acquisition, development, management, and marketing of properties, both residential and commercial.

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Characteristics of the Bachelor's Degree

Characteristics of the Bachelor's Degree
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Bachelor’s degree in real estate development and administration in Real Estate


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  • Possess a scale of values ​​that allow the development and a responsible, honest, fair, equitable attitude and acceptance of diversity during the training process.
  • Have an interest in knowing and delving into the field of real estate, real estate, the sale of properties and everything related to these topics.
  • Have technical skills and abilities to assimilate the theoretical and practical concepts of real estate and real estate.
  • Possess a level of maturation and emotional stability consistent with the demands of undergraduate studies.
  • Show a professional, ethical and respectful attitude during undergraduate studies.
  • Ability to perform critical and analytical reading and writing.
  • Availability and flexibility in the time required for your studies.

It will integrate skills and training with theoretical and practical knowledge supported in different areas that will allow the student to manage the various stages of the processes involved in real estate operations and will develop skills and abilities acquired with topics learned here to be able to intervene effectively in the processes of purchase-sale and in decision-making for property management, you will also learn how to achieve the integration and coordination of an interdisciplinary group of professionals involved in all transmission and operation of any real estate, considering the different implications of the practice. administrative to which it will incorporate knowledge acquired during the degree with a critical, analytical, purposeful, innovative sense considering the context at the current moment that the real estate market indicates in a framework of professional ethics.


  • Theoretical principles that govern all real estate operations.
  • Elements, processes and skills that will make up the sales processes, as well as prospecting techniques, obtaining exclusives, promoting and closing them.
  • Theoretical and practical-methodological foundations of the management of local and federal taxes involved in any real estate purchase and sale operation.
  • Estimation of costs and expenses in the transfer of real estate property
  • Creation of real estate investment projects, as well as their direction, management and administration.
  • Basis of the functioning of the national and international economy in the real estate field.
  • Legal, commercial, real estate and tax framework involved in the buying and selling process.

The bachelor’s degree in real estate development and administration opens a wide range of professional opportunities. Graduates can find employment in real estate companies, brokerage agencies, real estate development firms, banks, real estate law firms, and property management companies. They can also choose to undertake their own real estate projects or work in real estate consulting.

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